Facials and Peels

Microdermabrasion, Eyebrow Tinting, Facial & Chemical Peels in Waxhaw NC

Facials and Peels

Special Facials

The Ultimate Ageless Facial Includes deep cleansing of the face followed by our lunch time facial using electrotherapy to lift and tone the muscles in our face giving a mini face lift. Shortly after we use the LED red light therapy to rejuvenate the skin by stimulating the fibroblasts in our skin that stimulates collagen and elastin in our skin. Giving a young and plump look. This service not only helps improve fine lines and wrinkles, but also lifts and tones the muscles in our face and neck.$149.00
Blueberry FacialThis surprising combination of goji berries, blueberries and yogurt comes together in the perfect treatment for any type of skin. Blending glycolic & salicylic acid helps dissolve old skin cells making for a beautiful soft complexion. $75.00
Warm Spice FacialIncluding apples, cinnamon and nutmeg we present our new aromatic enzyme facial. Exhibiting a calm warming effect on the skin your sure to love this warm, spiced treatment and the beautiful results that it can give. $75.00
Pumpkin Cheesecake FacialVitamins (A & C) along with the Pumpkin-Orange enzyme (15%) will rejuvinate and exfoliate while you enjoy the smells of the Autumn season. Combined with a Goji Berry Yogurt Mask you can create a tantalizing “Pumpkin Cheesecake” mixture. $79.00



Lunch-Time Face Lift (Microcurrent)Single Series$110.00 1hr
Lunch-Time Face Lift (Microcurrent)Series of 10$990.00 (save $110)
Relaxing/Hydrating Facial$79.00 1hr
Sensitive Facial$79.00 1hr
Vita C Facial$89.00 1hr
Deep Clense Facial$89.00 1hr
Teen Facial$69.00 45min
Brightning Facial$89.00 1hr
Anti Aging Facial$99.00 90min
Gentlemans Facial$55.00 45min

Specialty Services

Microdermabrasion Diamond tip exfoliation along with a slight suction to the skin will remove dead skin cells while promoting new collegen to the surface of the skin. Flawless results! (includes soothing mask of your choice)$85.00
LED Light Therapy FacialEffectively treats acne and dilated capillaries, Increases collagen production, Increases ATP, Treats abnormal pigmentation of the skin, Helps sagging skin, Helps treat sleep disorders, Increases collagen and elastic production, Increases production of red bloodcells

You can do an (add on) to any facial for just $49

LED Light Therapy Facial (Series of 10)
$891.00 (save $99)

Enzyme Peels

Coconut PapayaThis can be used on all skin types. The end result is soft and healthy skin that is free of any dead skin cells. The coconut and papaya enzymes are absorbed easily through the skin, resulting in a much smoother texture. Say goodbye to rough, dry and wrinkled skin as these fruit enzymes gently exfoliate. This natural peel is rich with vitamins and gets rid of any impurities in addition to bacteria, blackheads and dirt. Say hello to smoother, tighter skin with a more refreshed look and feel.$69.00 45min
Lemon ZestLemon can now work for you as these antioxidants will brighten and exfoliate your skin. Surface aging signs can be taken care of while this also protects skin from environmental damage. Dry and normal skin reap the benefits as a new level of brightness can be yours thanks to the kojic and Arbutin ingredients. This also contains lactic acid and glycolic acid.$79.00 45min
Pumpkin OrangePacked with Vitamin C and Vitamin A, the Pumpkin Orange exfoliates by using an enzyme that also reduces sebum oil. It includes the pleasant aromatics of orange and pumpkin (15% concentration) as it takes away dead skin cells and adds a vibrant glow to your skin. $79.00 45min
Apple OrchardThis facial includes a gentle enzyme, apple fruit extracts and works as an anti-aging agent. It is an excellent antioxidant that warms the skin. It is applicable to any skin type with the exception of rosacea or sensitive skin. Also included is malic acid which is a naturally occurring AHA.$69.00 45min

Chemical Peels

Lactic 15%This is recommended for customers who have any type of irregular pigmentation while skin types range from dry to normal. A unique combination of kojic and Arbutin acids work in conjunction with the lactic hydrating properties. The end result is a lightening peel which can also include a lemon zest enzyme that will create an exquisite facial.$79.00
Glycolic 30%This treatment does not have to be combined with any other treatment. It is ideal for normal skin and works to renew your cells and is a perfect complement to the enzyme peel of your choice. $89.00
Depigmentation Peel with 15% Azelaic AcidThose with darker skin tones can benefit from this formulated peel that provides smoother textures. This peel is highly recommended for people with skin pigmentation that is uneven or those who have hyperpigmentation. Rosacea and sensitive skin types are not prime candidates for this peel.$89.00 1hr

Facial Add On Services

Parraffan Wax Treatment For Hands$25.00 30min
Add enzyme peel to hydrating steam facial (Excl. Lemon Zest)$39.00 15min
LED Light Therapy$89.00


Eyebrow Tinting$15.00 10-15min
Eyelash Tinting$20.00 10-15min

Facial Waxing Services

Eyebrow (with shaping)$15.00 15-20min
Eyebrow (just cleaning)$10.00
Lip/Chin$10.00 Each

Body Waxing/European Waxing

Underarm$20.00 15min
Half Arm$22.00 15min
Full Arm$42.00 15min
Half Leg$35.00 20min
Full Leg$49.00 45min-1hr
BikiniStarts at $20.00 20min
BrazilianFrom $75.00 to $75+ 45min-1hr